ED Pumps and Insurance

(1) Can I Get a Vacuum Erection Pump or ED Pump Thru My insurance Plan?

NO. Medicare has ended coverage on ED Pumps, and most Insurance plans have also ended coverage of the cost of a Vacuum Erection Pump,

(2) Do I need to see my Physician?

A number of pumps are available over the counter and can be purchased. It is recommended that yes you first discuss this with your Physician.

(3) I would like to use my Insurance Benefit do I need a prescription ?

You will need to check with your insurance plan if coverage is available. In order to bill your Insurance, The Physician must have done an examination, with evaluation of impotence. The Physicians prescription is required to bill any item to Insurance

(4) Are all The Pumps the same?

In this case most function in the same manor. A vacuum is created and induces an erection. However, there are models that use a battery pump, or a manual pump to create the vacuum pressure. Other small deference vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some models are specific to certain Insurance plans, meeting their guidelines, and others for OTC sales.

(5) I would like help with getting a Vacuum Erection Pump thru my Insurance plan can you help?

Unfortunately no, Coverage on all ED Pumps ended on 1/1/16. Our sales a only on a cash or Credit card purchase.

Please contact us at 866-218-0902, or vist www.edpumps.com.

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