ED Pumps – How do i use it?


What is an ED Pump & how is it used?

The ED Pump is a plastic cylinder with a battery or manual pump, the open end is slid directly over the penis. The cylinder and pump are then used to create a vacuum to help the penis become erect. When erect: a constriction ring or band is slid off the cylinder and onto the erect penis. The constriction ring or band, helps maintain the erection during intercourse.

I see that you sell different models, what is the difference?

Offered are battery and manual pumps. Its user preference on the selection. New users tend to find the battery models easier, while more advance users like the ability of control, offered by the manual models. A number of kits are offered like the Encore Deluxe Ed Pump, this kit offers both a manual and battery pump in its kits.

How Well Do ED Pumps Work?

Recent studies suggest that about 50%-80% of men are satisfied with the results of ED Pumps. As with any other method of treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), satisfaction rates may decrease with time.

There are drugs  like Viagra on the market today, Why use an ED Pump?

There are a number of reasons not to take Viagra or the other medications for ED. I have listed a number of reasons below.

1. Single tablets can cost 18.00 – 25.00 each. Insurance companys have placed restrictions on the units allowed and a growing number do not cover the cost at all. An ED pump is a one time cost from 100-400 depending on model.

2. Don’t take Viagra if you’re taking nitrate drugs for chest pain or heart problems.  This mix can cause a sudden and serious drop in blood pressure, making you feel dizzy and faint, and possibly bring on a heart attack or stroke.

3. In addition, for men who’ve had prostate surgery, a regimen of vacuum device usage is recommended – four or five times daily — to help increase the blood flow to the penis. It may take several months to work.

4. Taking is medication, as listed below for a another treatment.

Do not take Viagra if you are taking other drugs for erectile dysfunction, such as Stendra, Cialis, or Levitra.

Using these drugs with sildenafil is not recommended:

  • Cimetidine (Tagamet)
  • Bosentan (Tracleer)
  • Imatinib (Gleevec)
  • Nefazodone (Serzone)
  • St. John’s wort
  • Antibiotics: such as clarithromycin (Biaxin), erythromycin (EryPed 200, EryPed 400)
  • Antifungal medications: fluconazole (Diflucan), itraconazole (Sporanox)
  • Heart or blood pressure medications: amlodipine (Norvasc), amiodarone (Cordarone, Nexterone, Pacerone)
  • Hepatitis C medications: boceprevir (Victrelis)
  • HIV/AIDS medications: ritonavir (Norvir), amprenavir (Agenerase), atazanavir (Reyataz)
  • Seizure medications: carbamazepine (Tegretol), fosphenytoin (Cerebyx)
  • Tuberculosis medications: isoniazid (Isoniazid)

Viagra and Grapefruit

Avoid consuming grapefruit and grapefruit juice while taking sildenafil.

Grapefruit products can hinder the breakdown of sildenafil, causing it to be absorbed in larger quantities that can reach toxic levels.


Will my Insurance Cover ED Pumps or Vacuum Constriction Devices?

Generally no, Medicare has ended coverage as well as most insurance carriers, this action was taken as part of the Obamacare program. More for less!!



Impotence Treatments Using a ED Pump

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a common problem, as unfortunately aging causes issues.  ED can also be caused by diseases, surgical complications, certain medications and even psychological and lifestyle factors. Impotence ED (erectile dysfunction is treatable, and treatment can be started at any age.

Luckily in today’s world, there  are many kinds of erectile dysfunction treatments. The best of these are selected by considering the severity, causes, and health of the patient.

Vacuum Therapy Pump (ED Pump)
A vacuum pump (penis pump) consists of a plastic cylinder which is placed over the penis. When air is sucked out from the device, a vacuum is created which forces a blood rush into the penis. The blood flow is obstructed by means of a tension band, which is applied to the base. Tension bands prevent the blood from draining rapidly and sustain the erection.

Certain expensive medications can also be used for impotence treatments. However the prescription cost is very expensive and not covered by most health plans. Also, guys who aren’t healthy shouldn’t take it, as well as those who take nitrates for chest pain (the combination may lead to low blood pressure, loss of consciousness, heart attack and stroke).

We offer 16 different ED Pump models to choose from, starting at 89.99! a Penis pumps are one of the least invasive treatments for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps are preferable to medications for many patients.

Newest EdPump Brings Sex back to the Bedroom

The Newest Vacurect Ed-Pump Brings Sex back to the Bedroom

Has your sex life diminished due to problems with Erectile Dysfunction? Are you unwilling or unable to take Erectile Dysfunction medications?

The good news is that the Vacurect ED Pump is the newest Erection pump on the market.The Vacurect ED pump has been researched and developed by a team of professionals. This has resulted in a superior, long lasting medical device that can be used confidently with no toxic chemical compounds and the good news is that it does not require a prescription!

If you choose to use the Vacurect to treat Erectile Dysfunction, you will have chosen the safest, simplest, most effective Vacuum Erection Device on the today’s marketplace. Over 96% of men using the Vacurect are now able to achieve and maintain an erection suitable for intercourse. With the Vacurect you are in control, you now determine when, and how often you can be intimate.

How it Works:

Step 1
Attach the tension system to the base of the cylinder by pressing firmly.
Step 2
Apply a dime size amount of personal lubricant on the index finger and apply to the glans head of the penis.
Apply the excess lubricant to the opening of the tension system.
Step 3
Gently rest the tip of the penis in the opening of the tension system.
Step 4 .
Move the sleeve up and down the cylinder to create the vacuum; this will draw the penis through the tension system into the cylinder.
Step 5
After creating the erection, remove the cylinder from the tension system, leaving the tension system in place at the base of the penis.